Our Extended Team

To us, effective planning is centered around relationships—not only our relationship with you, but also with the other professionals that help bring your plans to life. We’re committed to bringing the right people to the table, so you can have confidence that all the elements of your plan are working in synergy.

  • Nautilus Plus

    We examine the impact of taxes and inflation on your assets.

  • Benefits Team

    We promote retention and buy-in by nourishing the financial and mental well-being of your team.

  • Generational Planning Team

    We anticipate how decisions taken today can impact the future.

  • Network of Entrepreneurs

    We believe access to the right relationships creates opportunities.

  • Investment Strategy Team

    We tailor investments to complement your greatest asset: your business.

  • Holistic Results Team

    We remove the financial distractions, to provide a clear path to your unique goals.